When we use glass cutting machine, if there is a mechanical failure, how do we deal with it? The following is to explain this knowledge to you.

 1. The cutting speed decreases or the diagonal changes, which may be caused by the loose synchronization belt or inconsistent tension on both sides. We can open the plate cover shell on both sides of the glass cutting machine, loosen the tension sleeve on both sides, and adjust the tightness of the synchronous belt on both sides.

2. The cutting line is not transparent and can not be broken: it may be caused by the wrong Angle of the knife wheel or the knife pressure is too small. You can adjust the knife wheel Angle or replace the appropriate knife wheel.

3, cutting line edge, the possible reason is not filled with oil or cutting pressure is too large. There are two ways to solve the problem, the first is to fill oil or reduce knife pressure.

4. When the cutting size becomes larger or smaller, the setting of glass cutting machine drive can be adjusted.

5. There is no floating function, which may be caused by blocked air route, damaged fan or blocked air source triplet. Elimination methods :( 1) dredge the air road, three parts; (2) Replace the fan.

6, can not return to the mechanical origin, may be the return to the mechanical origin close switch is damaged, replacement of the origin switch can generally solve the problem.

7, can not be positive and negative limit need to replace the new limit switch.

8, the computer can not find the board card (hardware) is usually caused by bad board contact. The board can be removed from the PCI slot and re-inserted.

9, servo overvoltage alarm, caused by the servo motor power supply and ground wire wrong connection, as long as correct the wrong wire head.

10. The communication protection of the encoder is generally caused by welding or breaking the contact line of the encoder.

11, servo motor vibration is too large, then can adjust the rotation of the tightness of the servo motor or reduce the rigidity.

Glass cutting machine fault maintenance is important, but in daily use, it is best to do preventive measures. There are generally the following points:

1, regular maintenance

The failure of the glass cutting machine should be handled in time, and all kinds of maintenance and repair must be carried out according to the requirements of the equipment. Regular and irregular inspection, timely understanding of the operation of glass cutting machine, the temporary small fault, to deal with in time, not because of small fault, do not affect the use of delay maintenance time, resulting in greater failure, or even safety accidents.

2. Normal working load

Be careful not to work under a large load that exceeds the capacity of the equipment. Use the equipment within your power. It is necessary to increase and decrease the load of the machine as evenly as possible, so that the equipment is in a relatively gentle load change, and prevent the ups and downs of the reducer and the lifting system.

3. Lubrication of all parts of glass machinery

Lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce mechanical failure. To this end, to reasonable selection of lubricant, according to the different application conditions to choose the corresponding lubricating oil or grease, and master the appropriate amount of oil, according to the requirements of the equipment to choose the corresponding quality grade and brand. In use, neither low grade lubricating grease can be used, nor can it be replaced by other categories, of course, more can not use shoddy lubricating grease.

4, operator division of responsibilities to reduce failures

Firstly, according to the requirements of point verification and repair system, the reasonable division of job spot inspection and professional spot inspection is carried out, and then the corresponding responsibilities are clarified. Responsibility will have pressure, pressure will produce power, work can be carried out smoothly; Secondly, necessary incentive mechanism should be established to reward the good and punish the bad, so that the post inspection can develop in the long run.

Post time: Mar-04-2022