Automatic glass cutting machine mechanical parts of the introduction of the broadcast article

Automatic glass cutting machine mechanical parts of the introduction of the broadcast article

At present, most automatic glass cutting machines on the market mainly include three parts: mechanical composition, electrical parts and control software.  Each part has different functions and operates together to complete an overall operation of the automatic glass cutting machine to achieve the smoothness and precision of glass cutting required. Then what components are specific to the mechanical part of the glass cutting machine?  The following small series with you to understand.



Glass cutting machine

One, automatic glass cutting machine mechanical composition:


1) Platform plate: waterproof board.


2) Rack/guide rail: KHK rack is used for high-precision linear motion in X and Y direction.


3) Knife wheel: important cutting parts, install glass cutting head.


4) table: full of air holes, air floating surface, using black felt pad.


5) Knife rest: pneumatic, adjustable knife head pressure, to adapt to different thickness and strength of glass cutting, in order to achieve the best cutting effect.


6) Conveying device: air floating table (conveyor belt device with plate table), convenient glass movement, reduce the workload of staff.


7) Transmission system: servo system, so that the equipment reliable performance, no deviation, high efficiency.


8) cutting knife holder: the use of air pressure, tool head 360 degrees rotation, up and down cutting.  Can cut any shape of glass, straight line, round and irregular shape, to ensure that glass cutting without any problems.


9) Oil supply mode: automatic oil filling device, oil pressure can be adjusted.


10) Positioning device: laser scanning positioning system (laser scanning can accurately scan the position of glass to improve the cutting accuracy of glass, while taking into account the template scanning function).


Two, automatic glass cutting machine electrical parts:


1) PC computer access control, Microsoft Windows interface.


2) Voltage: 380V/50HZ, the equipment with isolation protection device, to prevent damage interference control components.


3) Controller: PMAC professional high-speed motion controller to achieve accurate cutting without deviation.


4) Control cable: professional high-flexible cable, high life guarantee cutting operation is reliable.


5) drag chain: professional high-speed drag chain, not easy to wear straight shape steel.


6) Relay: reduce unnecessary failures.


7) Circuit: the latest EMC compatible design has no interference, so that the equipment runs smoothly.


I hope this article will be helpful and helpful for you to buy glass cutting machine.

Post time: Feb-25-2022