How to choose the glass cutting machine?

1. Selection: according to the actual cutting size of the enterprise itself, choose the one that is more suitable for your own, the glass machine model2621:50*50~2440*2000mm,model 3826:50*50~3660*2440mm,model3829:50*50~3660*2800mm,Model4228:50*50~4200*2800mm
To consider the basis of the factory layout, because it involves the normal equipment wear and tear and useless capital investment.

2. cutting accuracy: according to your own actual needs to choose.

3. cutting speed: cutting speed is a major performance of the cutting machine, only mechanical and control part of the overall performance and compatibility of good circumstances, the cutting machine to achieve the corresponding speed, so no matter

what is the actual speed required? The speed of the cutting machine is a good indicator of the performance of the cutting machine prospective.

4. Automatic typesetting optimization function: the level of glass optimization is an important guarantee of the level of glass cutting rate, computer once sexual optimization may not achieve better results.The function of whether the second manual modification after optimization will be to judge an important indicator of the advancement of the optimization system.

5. mechanical part: stability and accuracy of the guarantee, the first is the mechanical part of the design and installation of the rationality will be an important factors.To ensure the smoothness of the mechanical part and the parallelism of the guide rail on both sides, how to prevent deformation and change after the shape can be corrected is an important part of the inspection of machinery.

6. function: the function of the cutting machine is also an important sign to verify the performance of the cutting machine.Can automatically adjust the pressure, automatic scanning function, can 360° free walk, automatic labeling, whether there is a tool limit function and so on.

Post time: Mar-17-2021