On the blackboard! Several important features of glass cutting machine | Shandong Huashil Automation technology broadcast article

The company’s production of glass cutting machine running fast, high precision cutting.  Device Maintenance-free The system automatically ends device maintenance without downtime or personnel.  Through computer control, input the size and shape of the glass to be cut.  CNC glass cutting machine automatic identification of glass thickness and size, determine a variety of technological parameters, automatic, accurate, high-speed glass cutting.


What are the features of glass cutting machine?


Using imported cutter head, cutting effect is good.  Tool head protection device.


Technical features:


1. Automatically cut straight lines or irregular shapes according to user requirements.  It can directly input the glass size to be cut or directly import CAD graphics.  It has the function of actual cutting graph display and actual motion tracking display, so that the operator can understand the equipment and processing state at a glance.


With a single piece of processing time display and each shift output statistics function.  Cutting pressure completely controlled by computer, cutting quality is good.


3, the rack and pinion adopt international famous brand products, to ensure the cutting accuracy, cutting speed and cutting accuracy.


4. Imported servo motor is used to drive the X.Y.Z axis, with high precision of repeated cutting origin and positioning, which can match mirrors, automobile glass and household electrical glass.


5, imported Italian optimization software, typesetting powerful, friendly interface, easy to learn and use.


6, with laser scanning positioning system, copy scan input function, automatic copy cutting.


7, there are perfect protection measures to ensure long-term operation of equipment.


8, equipped with double-sided or single-sided single-position feeding platform, gear drive, safe and reliable.


9, equipped with fragmentation platform.  One-click startup.

Introduce the features of glass cutting machine for you.  In addition to checking the water circulation system, attention should also be paid to the regular protection of the air system.  In addition to checking the operation of the fan regularly, generally speaking, the glass cutting machine should be cleaned once a month to ensure that the mechanical equipment can be used for a long time.

Post time: Mar-28-2022