What are the advantages of sintered stone cutting machine in the processing and manufacturing industry?

The processing of sintered stone products can be applied to professional woodworking saw blade or water knife rock plate cutting machine. It can also be used for parallel line cutting of photovoltaic glass cutting machine. (Imported rock board processing can be artificial quartz stone processing machine equipment but must be artificial quartz stone woodworking saw blade for rock board woodworking saw blade). Before cutting, check the cutting machine, especially at the following levels: cutting supplies should be suitable for SLATE products, and good characteristics. The operating table of the equipment must be clean, durable, firm and undamaged. The equipment operating table must be thoroughly levelled. In the work of the equipment, there must be no previous processing waste on the table, and everything is normal on the surface. Therefore, it is proposed that before carrying out cutting processing, processing actual operation staff sampling to do specific detection, to carry out specific adjustment, in order to achieve better practical effect. When cutting effect and cutting quantity are not satisfied, or cutting the whole process of feeding, rock plate appear grey board crack etc, may be because the feed rate, cutting the practical work pressure than poor speed, cutting ambry mesa rugged, or cutting rock plate move or vibration during the whole process, lead to bad cutting supplies such as sake.

Shandong Huashili automation technology, bring you a minute to quickly master the professional knowledge of rock plate cutting machine.

sintered stone cutting machine data

Water knife cutting technology cutting machine to accelerate the rock plate in home decoration building materials sales market popularization. Water knife cutting technology is a multi-functional, sound characteristics of intelligent cutting technology, in the whole process of cutting can achieve no thermal deformation, wound leveling, clean zero pollution, reduce the consumption of raw materials and other characteristics. The AC five-axis water knife of international standard is applied to the raw material of rock slab to complete the ultimate stone parquet and metal craft. Water knife is called “cutting machine equipment”, its non-contact, stress-free characteristics to solve the cutting problem that other cutting methods do not handle, configuration technology professional water cutting NC programming software, can complete the sintered stone product workpiece arbitrary Angle of view cutting, is the key processing machinery and equipment of rock plate, is very widely used. Its remarkable characteristic is to cut all the curves of the slab. And contains some large and medium-sized complex cutting application fields, in fact, examples should include: large and small ceramic production wall paintings, hall ground Mosaic, ceramic production screen partition, kitchen and other special-shaped cabinet countertops, stone production furniture and so on.

Because of rsintered stone cutting machining technology core, high reliability, rock plate sealed leveling, cutting out or cutting the rock of the rolling bearing in the graph in the parallel plate can improve the actual effect of section rockface is bright and clean, improve rolling bearing high pressure suction filter rotation speed faster, in particularly exquisite carving computer can on time of random cutting pattern design. Water knife processing technology is famous for its smooth and high cutting, making it the preferred tool for slab processing in all walks of life. The adjustable rate transport system software has a higher total transport area and can process up to 3 meters of rock slab.

The overall characteristics of rock plate cutting machine

1, sintered stone cutting machine adopts the method of bridge sword to carry out cutting, which is more convenient and smooth for large and medium-sized rock plate cutting. The application is very convenient and accurate. In the rock plate processing can be a molding. The size is the same, the surface is smooth and neat, the actual effect is far more than water knife cutting machine.

2, the sintered stone cutting machine selects NUMERICAL control machine tool to adjust the specification and speed, and can change the standard value to adjust the speed during processing. Because it is a large sword cutting, the sintered stone processed is smooth and clean, and it is not easy to hurt the surface.

3, the rock plate cutting machine can diversify the sintered stone, can process a different look of the rock plate, consider the requirements of different customers.

4, the work efficiency of the sintered stone cutting machine is very high, equivalent to the work efficiency of 8-12 workers, and it does complete the low capital investment and high efficiency rate. Imported single frequency control, cutting scope, cutting thickness is also large, can be adjusted, easy to use, high precision.

Post time: Mar-03-2022