What specifications should be followed when operating a glass cutting machine?

What specifications should be followed when operating a glass cutting machine?

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What rules should you follow when operating a glass cutting machine?  There are always a lot of standards for us to abide by in our life, learning and work. This is the work we think is necessary. We have seen the existence of glass cutting machine.

1. Wear gloves, protective glasses, and iron shoes.  Turn over the power switch, open the ncstudio program, return to the mechanical origin, and then return to the fixed point.  Load the required application.  Validation procedures.  Move the raw glass to the cutting table.  Press the blow button to allow the glass to float on the table and move freely.  After positioning the glass, press the stop button, and then step on the suction switch to firmly fix the glass in the specified position to achieve the positioning effect.

2. When the incision is finished, press the stop button, and then press the blow switch.  Transfer the cut glass to the panel (open the blow switch of the panel before translation to make sure the table is clean).  First of all, the four surrounding materials are divided into small pieces according to the knife marks, and the edge materials are placed in the designated position.  The small piece of glass after the film is straight 90° interrow insert.  Glass cutting boot (prohibit not interlaced plug).  Air gun must be used to clean the cut table and the part table.  Then lay down a piece of raw material.

3. This is our need to understand the attention of the work, as long as our use will be more smooth, satisfied, the above needs to pay attention to the matter is common, and easy to bring harm to the small details of the glass cutting machine itself.  So when we carry out the protection operation, choose the correct and useful method, not only can reduce the damage caused to the glass cutting machine itself, but also add the beauty of the table.

Post time: Oct-17-2022