3829 Automatic Glass Loading and Cutting Machine

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Fully independent research and development, design, production, can be customized according to the special needs of users.

Specially developed 6mm thick 6061 high strength industrial aluminum beam to remove internal stress, to ensure the service life and load-bearing capacity of aluminum beam, large milling machine processing installation surface, to ensure the perpendicularity and straightness of the installation surface, improve the accuracy

Adopt high strength national standard carbon steel, robot full welding process, the whole body heat treatment, stress removal aging treatment, to ensure the body stability and flatness

The core parts of the printer are perfectly combined with the machine head,labeling follows the head of the cutting machine,which has the advantages of fast speed and high stability.

Adopt dual-screen control system. The security alarm system and fault detection system are equipped with network central controller and connected with big data of the company, which can monitor and deal with the production fault of the equipment remotely. Professional glass optimization software system, optimization rate up to 99%.

Adopt HD industrial display screen, aluminum alloy profile shell, explosion-proof, dustproof, super long service life. Ultra wide viewing Angle and ultra high display brightness.


Automatic loading:The telescopic arm and the big arm extend out at the same time, and automatically find the glass. After the system detects the suction cup firmly, put the glass back to the table automatically, and the upper plate is finished

Intelligent control: one button control can finish the loading, cutting and labeling at one time

Automatic cutting:Intelligent optimization cutting software, optimization rate up to 99%, automatic cutting, high precision, fast speed

Automatic labeling:Intelligent automatic labeling,labeling follows the head of the cutting machine,which has the advantages of fast speed and high stability.

Automatic walking:The walking wheel is driven by two sets of high-horsepower motors, which can rotate and walk 360 degrees

Fault detection: automatic fault detection and alarm system, real-time uploading of fault causes can quickly solve the fault

Apply to industry

Architectural glass,car glass,furniture glass,craft glass,decorative glass,cupboard glass, hollow glass,spliced mirror


Our company with Shanghai Weihong, Shenzhen Gugao joint research and development of cutting system, with small floor space, long service life, stable performance and other advantages, optimization rate up to 99%.

Brand electrical components: adopt first-line brand electrical components, electrical lines quick plug design, convenient to replace the aging circuit quickly

Optimization arrangement-cost saving

Super silent drag chain



Library with various of common shaped outlines-convenient and fast

Collection and processing of special shaped outlines-concise and effective

Laser-positioning cutting without any restraint

Intelligent printing and labeling saving and environmental protection

Intelligent loading-accurate and correct

Automatic walking-fast and efficient

Waterproof table

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