3826 Automatic glass cutting line

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Intelligent ,high-speed ,good stability, safety and convenience, saving manpower and higher efficiency

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Intelligent high-speed glass cutting line consists of automatic glass loading table, automatic glass cutting machine and automatic air breaking table. It is a kind of automatic glass cutting system with automatic loading, automatic typesetting and cutting functions in one.The intelligent cutting line has the advantages of good stability, safety and convenience, saving manpower and higher efficiency, and is the preferred equipment for glass deep processing enterprises.

Automatic glass loading platform is a safe, efficient and fast replacement of manual glass cutting equipment, according to the different loading station is often divided into: single turn single station, single turn double station, double turn single-station, double turn double-station.No matter which way the working principle is the same, the customer can make a suitable choice according to the production and site of the processing plant and other factors


Basic working principle:

It is mainly used for automatic glass loading.Put glass in the specified location, after the loading signal is given, The big arm is flipped up by 95°-100° through the overturning mechanism, the machine began to walk forward, while the sensors on the forearm when in contact with the glass, the machine stop walking,the sucker absorbs the glass through the vacuum system,The forearm lifts the glass back and up by about 20mm for separating the glass, delay separating, again on the back rise above 80 mm, after walking motor back arm fall at the same time, after the big arm in place, under the glass sucker began to blow, forearm falling glass land on conveying wheel at this moment, the last, through the delivery send glass to cut on the stage.

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