HSL-YTJ2621 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

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This model is a glass cutting machine, which integrates automatic glass loading, automatic labeling, telescopic arm function, and automatic cutting machine. It is suitable for straight and shaped cutting of glass in construction, decoration, home appliances, mirrors, and crafts.

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Equipment Introduction

This model is a glass cutting machine, which integrates automatic glass loading, automatic labeling, telescopic arm function, and automatic cutting machine. It is suitable for straight and shaped cutting of glass in construction, decoration, home appliances, mirrors, and crafts.

Functions Standard functions Cutting optimization software 1.Professional glass cutting and optimized typesetting function: greatly improve glass cutting rate and production efficiency.

2.Compatible with Italian OPTIMA optimized software and domestic GUIYOU software's standard G code: Realize the universality of different format files.

3.Fault diagnosis and alarm function: It can automatically record the running status of the machine in the production process, fault alarm and display problems.

Fiber laser positioning

1. Automatic edge-finding and positioning of glass: Precise measurement of the actual position and deflection angle of the glass, realizing automatic adjustment of the cutting path of the blade, and improving efficiency

2. Intelligent shaped scanning: The detector can intelligently scan the shaped objects and automatically generate graphics to realize contour cutting.

Cut technology The cutting blade pressure is controlled by an electromechanical precision pressure regulating valve, and the cylinder pushes the pressure uniformly to make the blade perfectly fit the surface of the glass to cut, avoiding skipping due to glass quality problems.
Optional function Telescopic arm function High precision pinion and rack drive is adopted to replace the original screw drive, each time the loading is completed by the telescopic arm movement, the machine does not need to move.

It can be controlled by computer autonomously, and automatic loading and cutting can be completed without manual intervention, which greatly improves efficiency;

Due to the reduction of the number of walks, the mechanical wear is greatly reduced and the life and stability of the machine are improved.

Automatic labeling Replace manual labeling. According to customer requirements, the printer prints labels that record glass information.

The label is applied to the corresponding glass surface by the labeling cylinder.

(We recommend customers to configure the labeling function)

Glass breaking function Install the ejector rod on the cutting platform.

The cylinder pushes the ejector rod to disconnect the glass.

TransportFeatures The cutting beam is equipped with the conveyor sucker. There is no need to manually move the glass.

The cutted glass can be transferred to the air floating glass breaking table through the conveyor sucker, and the breaking operation is performed on the glass breaking table.

Category     Project   Project Instruction Note   
Product configuration  Mechanical part Machineframe Aging treatment after welding of thicker sections. The side beam fixing plate is processed by gantry milling to ensure accuracy and stability.  
Flat beam X-axis and Y-axis running flat beams adopt unique patented aluminum alloy profiles, which have high strength and high precision, and are durable and stable.
Rack Adopting helical rack and pinion structure to improve tooth surface strength and effectively reduce noise
Oil supply The oil supply of the cutting blade adopts the pneumatic automatic oil filling method, without manual intervention.
Fan Customized high-power fan, high wind pressure and large flow, ensure smooth glass floatation.
Cutting drive motor 2 set high performance industrial control dedicated servo motor for precise control and smooth operation.
Mesa The high-density waterproof board is a substrate, and the surface is covered with an anti-static industrial felt. Ensure stable use in humid environments.
Electrical parts Host computer High-performance computer host for industrial control; brand high-resolution display.  
Controller Huashil special control board card, perfect match Toshiba PLC control system.
Optical fiber Uses Panasonic laser detectors imported from Japan.
Element Imported international first-line brand control components such as OMRON, Panasonic.
Technical Parameters Machine parameters Dimensions Length * width * height:3000mm*4700mm*1420mm  
Table height 880±30mm(Adjustable feet)
Power requirements 3P,380V,50Hz
Installed power 13kW(Use power3KW)
Compressed air 0.6Mpa
Processing parameters Cut glass size MAX.2440*2000mm  
Cut glass thickness 2~19mm
Head beam speed X axis 0 ~ 200m / min (can be set)
Head speed Y axis 0 ~ 200m / min (can be set)
Cutting acceleration ≥6m/s²
Cutting knife seat Cutting head can rotate 360 degrees (precise cutting of straight lines and special shapes)
Cutting accuracy ≤±0.2mm/m(Based on the size of the cutting line before the glass breaking)

Configuration List

Name Brand Nation Feature Note
Optimization software Guiyou China    
Cutting software Weihong China Guaranteed accuracy  
Linear square rail T-win Taiwan    
Electrical components AirTAC Taiwan    
Solenoid valve AirTAC Taiwan    
Photoelectric switch Omron Japan    
Encoder Omron Japan    
Cutting knife Bohle Germany    
High soft line Kangerde China    
Windpipe Sun Rise Taiwan    
XX axis servo motor DEAOUR China 1.8KW*2 Intel chips
Y axis servo motor DEAOUR China 2.2KW  
Stepping motor EKP China 1kw  
Control System Toshiba Japan    
Contactor Schneider France    
Inverter JRACDRIVE China    
Breaker AirTAC Taiwan    
Main bearing NSK Japan    
Intermediate relay AirTAC Taiwan    
Air flotation device Customization China Customization 3KW
Proximity switch Omron Japan    
Scanner Panasonic Japan    
Fault detection system HUASHIL China    
Gear rack T-win Taiwan    
NoteDue to the continuous improvement of the equipment, some details will be changed, and the consulting business personnel shall prevail on the latest model.

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